Tree Care Services

We offer the complete assortment of tree care services provided by a professional team of certified arborists with 30+ years of experience.

Plant Health Care

The latest in integrated pest management treatments done by licensed professionals with an emphasis on health and safety.

Landscape Design

A new and exciting venture for Crown Tree Care, inc. is the addition of a landscape design department focused on providing those finishing touches to your property's outdoor features.

Why choose us?

Our goal at Crown Tree Care, INC. is to provide all of your tree care and plant care needs in a professional and efficient manner with an emphasis on safety that we're very proud of. Our services includes your standard physical maintenance to improve the aesthetic and healthy vigor of your trees and plants through pruning, trimming, and/or removals, as need. Also, through our Plant Health Care Division, we provide you treatment plan options to improve the health and wellness of your trees and plants by introducing your trees and plants to environmentally friendly fertilizers, pesticides, and/or fungicides, as needed. Contact us today for a free estimate!